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The crowdfunding campaign for Plutocracy Passengers is running.
If successful, delivery is scheduled for Autumn 2024.

The Game

Plutocracy: Passengers expands Plutocracy by introducing a captivating solo mode as well as the addition of passenger transport to multiplayer gameplay. In the multiplayer expansion, new actions allow players to pick up passengers and fly them to their destination. When dropping them off, players can choose among a display of favors. These offer new surprising opportunities leading to even fiercer competition and introducing some randomness in a former deterministic universe. In the new solo mode you are trying to maintain the passenger transport by carefully selecting the passengers you transport and the routes you are taking before time is running out. Ten planet constellations are waiting for you and only you can tell if Mission Impossible turns out to be really impossible.

Try solo online

If you want to try the solo mode, you can do so in the browser without an account. Most of the artwork is finalized.
Explore the game as you play (help button available) or read the rules (base game and solo extension).
Tabletop Simulator

Play on Tabletop Simulator

You can also play Plutocracy Passengers on Tabletop Simulator:
Plutocracy: Passengers Solo
Plutocracy: Passengers Multiplayer Basic Setup
Plutocracy: Passengers Multiplayer Random Setup


Solo extension explained

Multiplayer extension explained



Rules (English)
Rules (German)


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