Euro Crisis

The Game

Europe, crisis, national bankruptcy..., but don't worry: In €uro Crisis you are the boss of a bank, gambling with central bank money and snatching state property. Persuade politicians to implement to avert a debt haircut and just care about the fate of Europe if it benefits your bank. But beware, states can fight back - uprisings by harassed populations pose a constant threat to hard-won state property. €uro Crisis is a tactical as well as a satirical board game for 3-4 players about the financial crisis in Europe. Auctions, simultaneous selection of actions, and the impossibility to feather your own nest are the three main features of this crisis.




Rules (Englisch)
Rules (German)
Player Aid Front (Englisch)
Player Aid Back (Englisch)
Quick Introduction 3 Players (Englisch)
Quick Introduction 3 Players (German)


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